About Us

Golazin samar kashan

We are Iranian exporting & importing company in Foodstuff especially in tomato paste.

We have startly doing this business over 20 years and now we are exporting to over 20 countries.

We have tried our best to supply best quality goods with compotative prices.

We have good relations with over 50 manufacturing factories of tomato paste in different packages .

Bulk Aseptic tomato paste in different concentration such as:

28-30 Hot break ; 30-32 cold break ; 34-36 cold break and mainly 36-38 cold break containing

Most quantity exporting of our company

Small packages like 800 grams – 400 grams also we export a lot with the best quality and good prices. 

Golazin Samar Kashan trade co. LTD ; is dedicated in industrial tomato paste business in Iran for many years. We started as trade company and became today integrated food industry focus on tomato paste; Fruits puree (Apple,peach,Appricot,etc) .

Processing facilities introduced in factories we are connected with are from the well known Italian equipment manufactories like Ing . A . Rossi ; Rossi Catelli ; FMC and FBR-ELPO to company with the global and high standard requirements of food safety ; all our plants certified with HACCP ; ISO; HALAL

For Aseptic paste concentrations we produce high quality of clod break 36-38% ; 30-32% ; 28-30% and Hot break 28-30% ; supplying large quantity to more than 20 countries.

For Apple puree concentration we produce mostly 36-38% and 30-32%

For peach puree we produce 28-30% concentrations.

Besides all above mentioned we supply large quantity of can tomato paste in different sizes mostly 400,800,3000,4000,4300
grams also whole peeled tomato,peeled tomato and glass tomato paste whit high quality to different contries