Aseptic tomato paste

We control the production of tomato paste from farm to the end user.

Fresh tomato is controlled   before delivery to the factory ; washed in colorinated water ; washed with water sprayer ; sourting ; croshing and then processig in to tomato paste.

We produce both hot break and cold break tomato paste.

The packing is done in aseptic bages ; placed in to metal drums and each 4 drums on a wooden pallet.

Canned tomato paste:

The produced tomato paste with appropriate brix is packed in to metal cans of different sizes.

Usual sizer are 800 grams ; 400 grams ; 4300 grams ; 3 kg ….

Apple puree :

Apple is processed to Apple puree to the contrations of : 36-38 ; 30-32 and 28-30%                                                 

It has different usage for : Juices ; cakes ; mamalade and nectars.