Apple puree

Apple puree is the raw material for the production of products such as juice, lavashka, marmalade cakes, all of which are washed in high consumption. Have inside the country and abroad.
Apple puree is obtained from small tree apples in such a way that after collecting, washing and arranging them, such apples turn into juice and finally puree, which is a precious commodity that can be exported to all parts of the world.
Production stages :
We first remove stained and unsuitable apples and then wash them in special ponds with water pressure. Then, in a screw press, it is completely crushed into a paste. This dough is raw and must be cooked.
Apple cider is cooked at a temperature of 40 to 70 degrees. The longer the thermal process, the higher the brix. This process takes place in the evaporator.
Apple puree with Brix 40 and apple concentrate with Brix 70 have the most sales. After preparation, it is packed in special nylon inside the net and is ready to be sent.

Apple puree:
Apple is processed to Apple puree to the contrations of: 36-38; 30-32 and 28-30%
It has different usage for: Juices; cakes; mamalade and nectars


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