Tomato paste

We produce tomato paste from the best variety of fresh tomato in the word.

Beside the most qualified engineers with the best Italian machinery are used in the production of our tomato paste.

The above mentioned are confirmed by our customers

 From the beginning to the end of the production of tomato paste is completely under control. Tomato cleanliness is checked before sending to the factory.

Washing is done with chlorinated water and water spray, then sorted and crushed tomatoes inside the shredder.

Then it enters the process of producing tomato paste.

We produce tomato paste using both hot break and cold break methods.

The prepared pastes are poured into a special barrel and nylon and packed aseptically, and all 4 barrels are placed on a pallet.

Canned tomato paste:

Tomato paste is produced with suitable concentration and brix inside metal cans in different sizes of 400 g, 800 g and 3000 g.



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